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December 31, 2016

High temperature coatings create eye catching colors for recreational vehicles. The same visual appeal would not be achieved without the help of high temperature coatings.  These high shine, vibrant hues enhance recreational vehicles with a sleek, lustrous look.  However, that is just one of many advantages of high temperature coatings. Beautiful, glossy high temperature coatings are more than just easy on the eyes.



RIE high temperature coatings can withstand exhaust gas temperatures up to 2,000F. This allows for several hundred degree differences between the internal exhaust fumes inside the pipe and the surface temperature on the external side of the pipe.  This feature can reduce the amount of shielding necessary to prevent other components from burning or melting Not only does this reduce costs, it allows the design of exhaust parts to be more compact.


Exhaust parts are often subjected to extreme temperature on both ends of the spectrum as well as water.  The unique characteristics of our remarkable coatings solutions prevents conditions that affect the adhesion and performance of the coating.  Our coatings withstand thermal shock from high temperatures directly into water with no adverse effects.


The method in which internal combustion gases are kept at higher temperatures increases engine performance and horsepower.


Depending on the process and high temperature coating system utilized, we can achieve 500 up to several thousands of hours of salt spray protection.


Smooth, rich appearance available in multiple colors. These bold and vibrant colors greatly influence the overall image of your product and brand.


Ceramic high temperature coatings can maintain the integrity of exhaust components significantly longer than traditional coatings.  This drastically increases the longevity of your product by eliminating issues related to components burning out or becoming discolored. RIE applies ceramic coatings that offer unparalleled results for ceramic high temperature exhaust applications.  Define your brand with superior products in both performance and appearance.  Our customized ceramic high temperature coatings allow you to differentiate your product.