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Zinc Coating Systems

RIE has specialized in Zinc Coating Systems for over 35 years, offering the most capable solutions in the industry.

We offer Zinc Aluminum Flake Coatings, Zinc Aluminum Rich Coatings, Zinc-Rich Coatings, and Zinc-Rich Duplex Coating Systems providing chemical and corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, heat dissipation and dry film lubrication for your parts. The full process is completed entirely in-house ensuring quality coatings each and every time. Our Zinc coating process has been developed over three decades and is the key to our success.


Pretreatment is the single most important step to ensure proper coating adhesion and ultimately affects the protection and performance of the parts being processed.

RIE will degrease your parts of any oils or other contaminants on them. This is a critical step that ensures the substrate is clean when coatings are applied. We utilize a variety of substrate pretreatment processes. Zinc phosphate and abrasive blasting are all used and prescribed on an individual basis.

Dip Spin Applicaiton

Our 24″ automated Dip Spin Line can process large quantity runs of parts with highly repeatable results.

RIE operates lines that utilize large 24” wide baskets and several “mini” dip spin lines for processing small batch parts. The Dip Spin lines are one of our most utilized tools and process the majority of the parts that come through our doors.

Rack + Spray Application

RIE offers many types of hand spray processes for large or specialty parts that cannot be bulk processed.

Zero Part Rejection

RIE is one of the few coaters to rack and spray washers to achieve  smooth, even finishes that also results in zero part rejection. Smaller washers that have been dip spun tend to nest, or stick together. In some cases up to 50% can be stuck together after this processing. Rack and spray applications ensures quality coatings without lost product.

Large or Specialty Parts

Some parts may fit perfectly in the dip spin machines, but to avoid thread damage or touch marks they are hand sprayed. This includes double ended studs, like the ones used in the wind industry. RIE has also hand sprayed large 500 plus pound cylinders used in the oil and gas industries.

Baking + Curing

RIE utilizes various curing methods to ensure the highest quality applications.

Several belt ovens with multi zone heating and cooling, as well as several large walk-in batch ovens for hand spray items make up our in-house curing process. RIE also offers infrared curing for smaller parts.