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“We take pride in what we do. We face every unique and new challenge given to us and develop the best solutions for our clients. Our expertise is what drives us.”
– Randy Hanson, Senior Vice President of Engineering
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“Our team makes the difference. We love to take on challenges and use our knowledge and experience to help deliver for our clients exactly to their specifications. “
Here’s a customer testimonial.. “RIE did what other trusted Honda resources couldn’t”
– Mike Haglund, Technical Services
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At RIE, we have over 32 years of experience providing coating solutions that service many industries.

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RIE Coatings Elimanets Damaged Threads SEE OUR

Eliminating Damaged Threads

A customer’s stainless steel fasteners are galling and threads are damaged when Nylon insert lock nuts are installed.

RIE Coatings Stopping Bimetal Corrosion SEE OUR

Stopping Bimetal Corrosion

Reducing bimetal corrosion between stainless steel fastener and aluminum frame.

RIE Coatings Protect and Lubricate SEE OUR

Protect and Lubricate

Developing a zinc and black plating replacement that provides better corrosion resistance, consistent lubrication and no hydrogen embrittlement

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Given that we serve a wide range of important customers in various sectors that are classified as essential, our business will be deemed an “essential” business as well in the event that a ‘shelter in…

RIE is certified ISO9001:2015

RIE’s Dubuque Iowa facility is now certified to operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001-2015 for corrosion protection coatings onto metallic components.

RIE Coatings Eden Valley facility certified to ISO 9001:2015

RIE’s headquarters in Eden Valley is now certified to operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

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