Whitford custom-engineers coatings to provide low friction, corrosion resistance, UV and weather resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, decorative colors and flexibility.

Whitford does whatever it takes to solve customers’ problems. Their coatings may be applied by spray, HVLP, dip/spin, curtain, roller, coil, electrostatic or as a powder.


Whitford Technical Data Sheets

Oil and Fastener Brochure

Solving friction corrosion problems.

5230 Tech Sheet

Chrome-free, fastener-class coating.

Design Guide

Whitford engineering design guide.

Low Friction Brochure

How to reduce friction with Xylan.

Bearing Brochure

How Xylan coatings improve bearing applications.

1424 Tech Sheets

Fastener-class coatings, VOC-compliant.

Xylan 1010

294 ways to use Xylan 1010.

1425 Tech Sheets

VOC-compliant, extreme pressure coatings.

Xylan 1000 and 8100 Series

Tough industrial coatings and safe for food too.
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