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Conversion Coatings

RIE offers Black Oxide, Phosphate and Chromate Conversion Coatings.

Conversion coatings are chemical treatments applied to the surface of metals to improve their corrosion resistance, enhance paint adhesion, or provide other functional properties. These coatings typically involve a chemical reaction between the metal surface and a solution containing various chemicals. Black oxide, phosphate, and chromate coatings are three common types of conversion coatings, and they differ in terms of their composition, appearance, and specific applications.

Black Oxide Coating

Black oxide coating, also known as blackening or bluing, is primarily used to enhance the corrosion resistance of ferrous metals, such as steel and iron.

The process involves immersing the metal in an alkaline or caustic solution that contains sodium hydroxide or a similar base, along with oxidizing agents like sodium nitrate or nitrites. Black oxide coatings are dark black in color, and they provide a decorative finish as well as corrosion protection.

These coatings are commonly used on:
– Firearm Components
– Tools
– Automotive Parts

Phosphate Coating

Phosphate coatings are used to improve the adhesion of paint or lubricants on metal surfaces and provide corrosion resistance.

The most common types of phosphate coatings are zinc phosphate and iron phosphate, each having different properties and applications.

Zinc phosphate coatings are often used on steel surfaces and provide excellent corrosion protection, while iron phosphate coatings are used on steel and aluminum surfaces and offer better paint adhesion.

Phosphate coatings are typically gray or dark gray in color and can be further treated with oils or sealers to enhance their performance.

Chromate Coating

Chromate coatings, also known as chromate conversion coatings or chemical film coatings, are used primarily on aluminum and zinc-plated steel to protect against corrosion.

These coatings are typically created by immersing the metal in a chromate solution, which contains hexavalent or trivalent chromium compounds.

Chromate coatings come in various colors, including clear, yellow, and olive drab, depending on the type of chromate used.

They offer excellent corrosion resistance and are commonly used in:
– Aerospace
– Automotive
– Electronics Industries