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Customer Service

At RIE Coatings, ensuring customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. We strive to achieve customer satisfaction by focusing on providing quality products, delivering them on time, and offering excellent customer service.

We prioritize on-time delivery of our products, as we recognize that this is an important factor in meeting customer expectations. We constantly monitor our delivery times and work to optimize our processes to ensure that we are delivering our products and services within the promised timeframe.

RIE Core Values

  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focused
  • Change Driven
  • Empowerment
  • Perseverance

Commitment to Quality

“At RIE, we are continuously striving to be World Class”
– Jennifer Van Horn, Quality Manager
  • On Time Delivery = Industry Leading
  • Quality Production = World Class
  • Strive To Be Best In Class
  • Zero Safety Incidents at Each Facility:
    • Eden Valley = 1,495 days (4 years in January 2024)
    • Albuquerque = 1,231 days (3 years October 2023)
    • Dubuque = 172 days
  • Order Acknowledgements – 2022
  • Advanced Shipping Notices – 2022

Partner Testimonial

We could not ask for a better supplier – Your team helps us at the drop of a hat. They have helped keep our customers up and running. They have worked nights and weekends for they never say no. I can’t thank this team enough for all of their hard work.”

customer satisfaction survey

request for quote Information

Before RIE Coatings can issue a Request for Quote we will need the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Store Address
  3. What type of Part
    1. Part Drawings
    2. Previously quoted POs
  4. Substrate or Alloy Type (if Part has previous finish on)
    1. Zinc, Bare Steel, Phos & Oil, Etc.
  5. Quantity of Parts or Total Weights (lbs)
    1. If individual piece weight is not on Part drawing, please include.
  6. Type of Finish
  7. Specification ID or performance requirements that need to be met.

The perfect PO

The “Perfect” PO will have the following:

  1. Address
    1. Where did the Parts come from?
    2. Where do the finished parts need to be shipped to?
  2. Contact Information
  3. Quote Reference
    1. Quote Number
      1. NXXXXX = New Business
      2. XXXXX = Existing Business
      3. XXXXX – 1 = Updated Pricing/Quote
  4. Finish Call Out
    1. Color, Specification, Salt Spray Request
  5. Special Testing or Packaging
    1. Certifications, Quality Testing (Thickness or SS), PPAPs
    2. Mesh Sleeve Protectors, Boxing, Etc.
  6. Shipping Method
    1. Which truckline should be used?
    2. If splitting shipments, there will be a handling fee added to order.